How to be a Better Friend

How to be a Better Friend: Simple Tips and Tricks for Strengthening your Bond

You may have many friends in life. Some are close friends, and some are those you often meet. Some are work friends, and some live far away, and you meet them once a year. Good friends are like trees that give shelter on bad days and are always there for you when needed. You get energy and happiness from them.

Whether it’s sharing laughter over inside jokes or embarking on spontaneous adventures, there are always fun things to do with friends that strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. From simple hangouts to exciting outings, the joy of companionship is amplified when shared with those closest to us.

Friendship has excellent effects on your mind, soul, and body. According to Pew research, 61% of adults in the US live fulfilling lives because of good friends. In short, good friends nurture you. But have you ever think how to be a better friend?

Being a good or better friend all depends on having the qualities of good friends. As Mohammad Ali said,

“Friendship is the hardest thing to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of Friendship, you have not learned anything.”

If you still haven’t learned or mastered how to be a better friend, this guide will help you to make better in friendship.

Importance of Being a Good Friend

Importance of Being a Good Friend

You might be thinking, “Why can’t I make friends?” because you don’t know the value of being a good friend. Friendship is a relation of give and take, or as the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” If you are not there for your friend when he needs you, how can you expect him to be available for you in bad times or need?

Just because you are good, it doesn’t guarantee that you will receive goodness in return. It means being good without expectations and demands. Exploring “Is happiness a choice?” can deepen our understanding of our friends’ emotional needs and empower us to support them better on their journey toward fulfillment. When you grow a relationship, you put in effort, and your friend realizes this, too. Being a good friend can benefit you in several ways:

  • Being a good friend improves our mental health and relieves stress.
  • Friendship brings happiness in life.
  • Being and having a good friend boosts self-esteem and confidence.

How to Be a Better Friend: 14 Tips for Good Friendship

If you still ask yourself, “How can I be a better friend?” look no further. Here are some tips or things to do with friends to be a good friend.

1. Set Friendship Goals for a Better Friendship

Set Friendship Goals (How to Be a Better Friend)

First, set friendship goals. Friendship goals are the aims you set for a friendship. They help you determine what you want from a friendship. Spend more time with friends and determine the true connection to strengthen the bond.

2. Be Trustworthy in the Friendship

Be Trustworthy to Your Friends

Trustworthiness is one of the primary traits of a good friend. It means you must be available for your friend when he needs you and keep promises and secrets.

3. Be Honest with Friend

If you want to be a better friend, you have to be honest with your friend. Honesty in friendship demands truthfulness. You have to be open with your friend about how you feel about him. This will increase the communication and trust between them.

4. Admit your Mistakes in Friendship

Apologize for Your Mistakes to friends

No one in this world is flawless. Being a good friend requires admitting mistakes and not being covert or accusative.

5. Spend More Time with Friends

Spend More Time with Friends

Friendship needs time, but as we grow older, we have less time for friends, which is why we sometimes lose true friends. So, spend more time with friends and be available when they call.

6. Praise your Friend by Giving Gifts

Let your friend know how proud you are of him. Celebrate your Friendship by giving mindfulness gifts and presents that add value.

7. Listen to your Friend Attentively

Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener is one of the characteristics of a good friend. Listen to your friend carefully and attentively.

8. Be Humorous with your Friends

To be an ideal friend, you must be humorous. Add some jokes in your talks. This will bring smiles into their lives, and your friendship will be like a cool breeze.

9. Be Supportive in Friendship

Your friends need you to celebrate achievements and cope with failures. You should be the first one to share happiness and support failures.

10. Be Respectful to your Friends

Be Respectful to Your Friend

Respecting your friend’s point of view and opinion ensures you will take it. If you disagree, tell him with grace.

11. Give Some Space to Friends

Your friend has his own personal and professional life. Give him space; don’t adopt a domineering or possessive attitude. Good friends always understand each other and don’t be jealous of each other’s community or other friends.

12. Learn Forgiveness in Friendship

To be a better friend, you must learn forgiveness. Learn to forgive your friend and not hold a grudge in your heart. Otherwise, you will lose your friendship.

13. Intervene to Help your Friend

Don’t be shy or stay within boundaries when you find your friend struggling with a mental or health issue. Intervene and do what you can as a good friend to help your friends. In our journey to becoming better friends, it’s vital to empathize with our loved ones’ inner battles, even when they ask themselves, “Why do I hate my life?

14. Stay in Touch with your Friends

Stay in Touch with Your Friends

Lastly, don’t forget your friends in your busy life. Always stay in touch. If you have a busy schedule or move to another city, call. Your friend will love to hear from you, and you can also plan a meeting.

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Signs of a Bad Friend

Signs You Are Not Being a Good Friend to Someone

A friendship develops by spending quality time, making good memories, and supporting each other. Best friends whenever they shared laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments, bound by a bond stronger than any challenge. Sometimes, you can’t determine why you are not being a good friend to someone. So, if you find anything in yourself from the examples below, work on them to become a better friend.

Friends trust each other and share secrets that they don’t want to reveal to anyone. If you find that you are revealing their secrets, it’s a sign that you are not being a better friend.

  • Taking advantage of the loyalty of friends.
  • If you never say sorry for your fault.
  • Keep reminding them of their mistakes.
  • Don’t spend time with friends.
  • Taking their Friendship for granted and never being there in need.
  • Jealous of their success.

These are some of the tips. If you have any habits, working on them can make you a better friend.

Final Thoughts

A true friendship demands loyalty, truthfulness, time, and much more you need to build a strong relationship. This guide includes some of the most critical factors to help you become a good friend. Hopefully, you may get the answer “how to be a better friend.”

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