Be with someone who makes you happy

Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy: An Ultimate Guide to Fulfilling and Healthy Relationships

We often hear that happiness is a choice, and everyone loves to choose happiness because it is directly related to mental and physical well-being. However, happiness often is the outcome of our choices and life decisions. One such decision is choosing your life partner. Choose to be with someone who makes you happy so that you are confident of getting emotional and practical support throughout your life’s journeys. Let’s explore this concept further to see if being with someone who keeps you happy is truly the mantra of a sound relationship.

Does Being with Someone Make You Happier?

Does Being with Someone Make You Happier

One of the greatest happiness principles is surrounding yourself with positive people. This can mean different things at different stages of life. During teenage years and as young adults, friendship plays a crucial role in our happiness.

At this stage, we find ways to build confidence and reinforce our friendship goals to nurture our connections. Thankfully, technology helps a lot in connecting with individuals.

While extroverts tend to make friends easily, this is not the case with introverts. If you are looking for “how to make friends as an introvert,” you can use several mindfulness apps for teens to make new friendships.

Then comes the crucial time when our relationships evolve, and we choose our partner, our soulmate, from hundreds of people we meet. Choosing a partner becomes even more important, and the new relationship question arises: Does being with someone really make you happy and help you build confidence? Research shows that satisfying relationships are associated with greater happiness and vice-versa.

Having the right partner helps improve your overall well-being, especially your emotional health. Life is not an easy journey, and having someone close who empathizes and understands you can comfort you, offering solace and peace of mind.

Therefore, invest time in finding the right person who can make you happy while also exploring how to find happiness within yourself.

It is believed that happiness is only real when shared and multiplies when we do so. A partner who practices mindful relationship habits will hold your hand when the going gets tough. Such relationships are nurturing and make you feel valued and cherished.

How Do You Know If You’re Happy In a Relationship?

There are always signs that help you understand whether you are happy in a relationship.

Be with someone who makes you happy so that you:

1. Have Your Individuality

Have Your Individuality

Your partner must respect your thoughts and wishes as much as they do their own. If they impose their opinions and feelings on you, then you’re indeed in a toxic relationship. Healthy relationships are those where partners are interdependent but maintain their unique identity and individuality. This is similar to friendships where a good friend is always there to hear you out while respecting your boundaries.

2. Trust

Trust (Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy)

Trust is the essence of any relationship. A happy relationship is one where you feel secure and confident with your partner. Choose to be with someone who makes you happy by respecting your vulnerability and never taking undue advantage of it.

3. Have Open Communication

Open Communication (Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy)

Happiness in a relationship is marked by open communication, where you can discuss anything and everything with your partner without hesitation. Such transparency leads to a stress-free life, adding to your overall happiness.

4. Constructively Handle Conflicts

Handle Conflicts (Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy)

Disagreements are part of all relationships, even with someone who makes you happy. When conflicts and disagreements are resolved calmly and don’t linger, couples will be happier and more fulfilled. It’s similar to friendship, where mutual understanding, respect, and forgiveness define the bond and happiness. Focus on being a better friend to your partner.

5. Feel Appreciated

Feel Appreciated (Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy)

This is another way to know that you are with someone who prioritizes your happiness over everything else. Your partner will show through various means that they value your presence in their lives. This could be in the form of stress relief gifts, showing gratitude, expressing affection, etc.

7 Healthy Relationship Tips and Their Benefits

Healthy Relationship Tips

According to the General Social Survey (GSS) 2022 edition, most people in the US associate marriage and family with happiness. Relationships matter, as is evident. However, you need to work on your relationships to be happy.

Here are the tips to follow –

1. Be with Someone Who Lives Like a Friend with You

Focus on finding a partner who can be your best friend. You should be able to do fun things with your friends. Indulge in shared activities to strengthen your relationship. Start by overcoming your fear of making friends and going step-by-step to convert it into a sound bond.

2. Be with Someone Who Respects You and Your Decisions

Choose to be with someone who makes you happy and respects your differences in opinions. This spirit helps build mutual respect.

3. Be with Someone Who Emotionally Connects with You

Empathetic partners are necessary to get relevant answers to your new relationship questions. You and your partner need to connect more emotionally to build trust.

4. Be with Someone Who Shares Your Life Goals

Having similar goals helps partners gel and work together towards a bigger objective. If you have the same aspirations, there will be more unity and fewer conflicts.

5. Be with Someone Who Lets You Live Your Life & Lets You Grow

Look for someone who encourages you to give your best and inspires you to pursue growth and success, letting you live independently.

6. Be with Someone Who Spends Quality Time with You

If you spend quality time together, you will be happy and happiness is only real when shared. You should feel fulfilled when spending time together, whether having deep conversations, doing fun activities, or anything else.

7. Be with Someone Who Supports You in Your Hard Times

Stressful times can come and go. Look for a partner who stands by your side as a rock during challenging times. This can be a great way to tell someone you love them.


Be with someone who makes you happy because there is a sense of belongingness, and you can always trust them. Someone who keeps you happy will always celebrate your success with equal participation and stand by you during dark times and grief. They will encourage you to move on, try again, and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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