Qualities of a Good Friend

Qualities of a Good Friend That Define True Companionship

In today’s materialistic world, finding a true friend can be difficult. In your life, many people come, but knowing who stands out as the best friend can help you a lot. A good friend makes life meaningful and manageable. The support and love you can get from a friend are helpful for your mental peace and physical health.

A good friend always stands with you in thick and thin. Moreover, he respects you and accepts you with all your flaws. But how can you judge someone as a best friend, or you are finding a friend but don’t know how to recognize a true friend? No worries! We have listed some of the top qualities of a best friend.

What are the Qualities of a Good Friend?

“A true friend is forever a friend.” -Quote about friendship by George MacDonald

This quote defines the true friendship goal. A true friend is always with you, no matter the circumstances. But not every person who comes into your life can be your best friend. Not everyone you meet or know wants to be your best friend.

You can find your dearest friend from your community or someone who wants to spend time with you and enjoys your company. To clear up your confusion, here are the 10 qualities of a true friend based on characteristics so you can decide who your best friend is.

10 Best Qualities of a Good Friend

1. Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness - Qualities of a Good Friend

Trust is the most critical factor in a strong relationship. Trust lets you share yourself, secrets, thoughts, and fears with a friend. Any breach of trust can ravage friendship. A trustworthy friend always keeps your secrets that you should want to hide from everyone. Trustworthiness can lead to a relationship that lasts long.

2. Honesty


With honesty, a relationship builds or lasts forever. Honesty leads to many more characteristics. An honest person never lies to you. They don’t pretend to be someone they’re not or say things they don’t mean just to make you feel better. Instead of lying, a sincere friend always speaks the truth no matter what you dislike, because he knows that this truth can lead to long-term success.

3. Good Friends are Loyal

Good Friends are Loyal

Loyalty leads to a true friendship. A good friend is loyal and you can trust him unquestioningly. A faithful friend never backbites you. They never let anyone criticize you or make anyone laugh at you. Loyalty makes a person the most well-wisher of you and never deceives you or reveals your secrets in front of others.

4. Empathy

Empathy (Qualities Of A Good Friend)

Empathy lets a friend understand your feelings. He always knows your emotions and experiences and does their best to get rid of any unwanted situations. A good friend has empathy in abundance. He always cares for you, is available to listen, and suggests a solution that can help you a lot. If you’re struggling with thoughts like ‘why can’t I make friends,’ a truly empathetic friend will listen without judgment and offer support and guidance.

5. Respect


Respect is an essential factor for a good relationship. A good friend always respects your feelings and emotions as an individual. They respect each other’s emotions, thoughts, and points of view and don’t argue about each other’s thoughts. Giving personal space is also included in respect. A good friend always treats and thinks about his friend as he wants to be treated.

6. Good Listeners

Good Listeners (Qualities Of A Good Friend)

Another trait of a good friendship is being a good listener. Good friends listen to each other ideas and thoughts very carefully and attentively because they care for each other. Listening carefully lets them easily understand their favorites, problems, feelings, and emotions. As a result, they can know more about each other. Moreover, they can give each other new ideas according to personality and circumstances.

7. Not Judgmental

Not Judgemental

A good friend always has a soft corner and a positive attitude towards yourself. They always feel good in critical or fundamental talks but understand who you are and give positive suggestions. They never criticize or humiliate you. If they have found something or any bad habit in you, they point it out positively. This positive attitude can bring out tremendous and good changes within you.

8. Encouraging

Encouraging (Qualities Of A Good Friend)

A true, genuine friend is like a cool breeze in your life. They are the true lover of yourself. They motivate you and feel true happiness about your success in any field. A good friend is never jealous of you. Good friends help you to find happiness, laughter, and courage when you lose them.

9. Humor


As Jim Hayes says, “A good friend helps you move. But a best friend helps you move a dead body.” A true friend’s sense of humor wakes when he finds yourself worried or sad. Good friends know how to cheer up each other. They make fun of each other, enjoy, and never get bored of each other company.

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10. Forgiveness

Forgiveness (Qualities Of A Good Friend)

A sincere friend forgives mistakes and doesn’t keep them in their heart for long. He never holds a grudge in his mind and forgives past mistakes. Don’t humiliate each other by repeating the error again and again. Forgiveness can make a friendship stronger than it was before.

Benefits of Good Friendship

Benefits of Good Friendship

Having a good friend is a great blessing in life. A good friendship has numerous benefits for our overall health.

  • Friendship reduces stress, makes you feel fresh, and works like a relaxant that helps you cope with anxiety.
  • A good friendship can alleviate the loneliness that harms a person’s mental and physical health.
  • Friendship makes you confident, as a good friend encourages and supports you by highlighting your capabilities.
  • A healthy friendship or relationship dramatically impacts your life, and a person with a supportive friend or partner has a healthy and longer life.
  • A good friend can add years to your life by improving your immune system.
  • It enhances your mental health.
  • A good friendship helps you deal with troubles and traumas.
  • Your personality improves, and good characteristics build.

Tips for How to Be a Better Friend

Tips for How to Be a Better Friend (Qualities Of A Good Friend)

Remember that a good friend is the most precious thing in one’s life. So, keep these valuable tips in mind to be a better friend:

  • Always available for your friends when they need you.
  • Speak truth.
  • Listen to your friend attentively.
  • Don’t be judgemental of your friend.
  • Be honest and understanding.
  • Celebrate and praise the success of your friend.
  • Keep in touch with your friend, whether on a call.
  • Love and support each other.

Final Words

Finding and maintaining a good friendship is crucial for a healthy life. With the given characteristics you can find a good friend. This is not an exhaustive list, but you can find a better friend based on the qualities mentioned in this blog. So, find your friend and spend precious time with your dearest friend.

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