Why Cant I Make Friends

Why Can’t I Make Friends? Possible Reasons and Tips For Making Friends

If you are feeling lonely, then you are not alone. According to an adult survey, 12% of Americans have no friends. Friendship needs care, time, and effort, which we need to improve as we grow older. But most of the time, we need a true friend with whom we can share our problems or happiness. Friendship has a significant, pleasant effect on our mental health.

However, still, you are struggling to know why can’t I make friends easily. Then, no worries, this blog will give you information on why you can’t make friends and some valuable tips. Scroll down to get rid of your loneliness.

What is Friendship?

What is Friendship?

Before moving forward, you must know what friendship is and its effects on your personality.

Friends are those connections that know everything about you, know who you are, understand your emotions, and give you space to grow. Recent research by the American Journal of Psychiatry indicates that people who have friends are more confident and satisfied and have less risk of depression.

Most often, friends share mutual interests and have a deep understanding of each other. You can define friendship by the qualities of a good friend:

  • They share moral and emotional support at every point of life.
  • Feel happiness at your success, and knowing your potential gives you better ideas for the future.
  • Never feel a sense of jealousy or hate about you.
  • Always available when you call them.
  • In short, having friends can make your life enjoyable, relaxed, and confident.
  • You don’t feel lonely when you have true friends.

Reasons Why You Feel “Why Can’t I Make Friends”

Here are some grounds on which you may feel “Why can’t I make friends?”.

1. Avoidance

Why Can’t I Make Friends - Avoidance

You may have a lot of opportunities around you, but you are letting them down due to your habit of avoidance. You do not want to make any effort to start a friendship. This behavior of avoiding hard things can be the cause of your loneliness.

So, when you feel like avoiding meeting new people, ask yourself why. You can’t make new connections unless you decide to do so.

2. Social Anxiety

Why Can’t I Make Friends - Social Anxiety

Maybe you are facing social anxiety disorder in which you may feel consciousness, depression, anxiety, and a sense of fear of others. You may feel a sense of fear by being negatively criticized by others. Social anxiety can lead to severe harmful effects on mental health. You can cope with this disorder by psychotherapy and medications.

3. Lack of Time

Lack of Time

Most adults only have a little time for socializing. A recent study shows people spend just 41 minutes socializing in the US. However, to make friends, you must spend more time socializing. Find people who match your interests and like to spend time with you.

4. Fear of Rejection

Fear of Rejection

Sometimes, our past experiences and failures create a fear of rejection from others. However, meeting and making new friends needs courage. You can overcome this fear of rejection by realizing your actual personality and with courage.

5. Lack of Communication Skills

Communication Skill

Making new friends needs confidence and excellent communication skills. If you lack these things, then it could be the reason for your loneliness. People are attracted by intelligence, a sense of humor, and personality. You can get noticed by others by sharing your thoughts, telling jokes, and making yourself unique in your presentation.

6. Just Demanding Behavior or High Expectations

When you have made up your mind that your friends are entitled to give you help, moreover, when they can’t do so, you express it vocally. In short, you are just demanding. Friendship is the name of understanding each other’s situations and expecting things that your friend can do for you.

7. Lack of Social Interest

Why Can’t I Make Friends - Lack of Social Interest

You may be thinking, “Why can’t I make friends?” because you don’t have any social interests. Social interests are hobbies and passions that anyone can adopt according to their interests, such as sports or other fun things to do with friends. You can meet people with common interests and minds by connecting with social interests.

8. Trust Issues

Why Can’t I Make Friends - Trust Issues

The negative or bad experiences of the past can lead to trust issues. Trust issues occur due to past betrayal or abandonment by a friend. So you may think everyone in your life will be fake. You can get out of this mentality by psychotherapy.

9. Over Use of Social Media

Over Use of Social Media

Nowadays, people are more likely to be active on social media. They spend time with strangers compared to the people or friends in your life. That’s why they feel lonely because time determines the strength of friendship. Spending more time with friends enjoying physical activities or healthy talks strengthens friendships. By limiting your time on social media, you can also make new friendships, and it has excellent effects on your overall personality.

10. Depression

Why Can’t I Make Friends - Depression

The feeling of “I have no friends” arises when you are in depression. When a person is depressed, he feels no worth in friendship and can also lose close friends. A depressed person has no energy to engage with new people. Depression can also be a significant factor in pushing your best friends who want to help you. You can get out of depression by visiting a therapist.

Tips For Making New Friends

Tips For Making New Friends

If you are stuck on the point, how can you make new friends, or what factors can work best to get the answer of “Why cant I make friends”? Then, setting friendship goals is the best strategy. Friendship goals are the goals you set for finding new friendships or maintaining friendships if you have any. Some of the friendship goals that may work toward finding a perfect one are:

  • Your friend should be available, trustworthy, not judgmental, and communicative.
  • Choose a person who has the same values and beliefs as you.
  • You must know and tell the friendship boundaries and what you want from friendship.
  • After knowing any person who has a mutual interest, you can strengthen friendship by giving mindfulness gifts.
  • Celebrate Friendship Day and say Happy Friendship Day with a unique gift.

How to Make Friends in College?

With the start of the college era, if you want to make friends in college, these tips can work best:

  • Be socialized and active at college by attending campus club meetings and joining organizations.
  • Take part in new campus events.
  • Introduce yourself to classmates, participate in discussions, and make notes together for the upcoming semester. In this way, you can find a friend.

How do You Make Friends in a New City?

Making new friends in a new city can be scary and doubtful, but it is not impossible. You can make new friends in a new city by the following ways:

  • Connect with your neighbors, and you may find someone with similar interests.
  • At work, interact with coworkers outside the work.
  • Participate in group-oriented social activities or hobbies, such as playing games, soccer, cricket, and many others similar to your interests.
  • In your social circle, let people know you are looking for a friend.
  • Take part in local volunteer work; this way, you can find someone like you.
  • Don’t miss community events.
  • A gathering of acquaintances may also allow for making new connections and friends. You can do this by hosting a gathering.

Final Thoughts

Feeling lonely and questioning yourself, “Why cant I make friends?” is not the solution to your loneliness. You have to find out the reasons and work on it. Try to meet new people. It can be difficult but not impossible. Initially, form close connections with one or two persons. You can also ask did we just become friends. But if you are still facing social disorders, you can also consult a psychiatrist for better mental health.

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