7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

Top 7 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You

You must have experienced this at least once in life: Someone you kept thinking about for no apparent reason for days. And, out of nowhere, you receive their text, a voice memo, or a social media notification. You feel a sudden emotional jolt or goosebumps, wondering if they had also been thinking about you this entire time.

Does it seem like a divine connection or an invisible thread is connecting you two? Well, these analogies hold truth to some extent. But there is more nuance to it.

There are some clear, proven signs someone is thinking of you. Let’s unpack what they are!

How To Know If Someone Is Thinking About You? 7 Proven Signs

They can be your friends, parents, spouse, ex or lover. If they are thinking about you, you can ‘sense it’. You may or may not have any explanation for this feeling.

These are the most common signs someone might be missing you or constantly thinking about you.

1. A Strong Gut Feeling

Intense gut feeling indicating someone is thinking about you

The gut feeling or instinct is the strongest emotion people have. That’s why they say, “Trust your gut.”

It’s an unexplained, intense feeling that you feel with someone even if you are not attracted to them or have any close association with them. Your instinct can also be right about someone if they are nearby and you haven’t met them yet.

So, can you feel if someone is thinking about you? To some extent, YES! You just know when someone thinks about you or misses you. Your sixth sense can feel that.

In many cases, people experience this phenomenon in close relationships. For example, a mother was thinking about her son, and within minutes, she received his phone call. It shows that if someone is on your mind, they are most probably thinking about you as well. -Via Angela Ham in Quora

2. You See them in your Dreams Vividly

Vivid dreams as a sign of someone thinking about you

Although the actuality of shared dreams is not scientifically proven, it is the most common sign that someone is missing or thinking about you.

Dreams are complex, so you can not tell why you see them in your dreams. However, there are some commonly known reasons why it happens.

Many people believe that we are connected with each other through telepathy or energy waves. Due to this strong connection, we share dreams. For example, if you see your mom in your dreams and suddenly wake up to her call in the middle of the night, there is a strong chance that she misses you.

However, it can be the other way around as well. We often see our subconscious thoughts and deep-seated emotions in dreams. So, there is a higher chance that you might miss your mom and share a dream with her.

Still, you can’t neglect the notion that if you are dreaming about someone, it is one of the strong signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you.

3. Inexplicable Emotional Surge or Goosebumps

Goosebumps and emotional surge signaling someone's thoughts

Sudden physical sensations like mood changes, twitches, goosebumps, or itchy feelings that arise for no apparent medical reason are strong signs that your friend might be missing you.

Goosebumps can be felt for several reasons, like when you achieve happiness, old memories, or a much-awaited thing. But, if you are getting goosebumps or sudden mood changes, it can be a sign that someone thinks of you.

4. Receiving Unexpected Gifts

Receiving unexpected gifts as a sign of being thought about

When you think of someone, you want to be close to them—both physically and emotionally. Gifts perfectly symbolize affection, love, and consideration. Plus, presents or gifts promote happiness for both the giver and the receiver. They are thinking about you, that’s why they are spending money on you.

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5. Start Listening to their Favorite Music Unknowingly

Listening to their favorite music unknowingly

How do you know if someone is thinking about you? There are numerous signs. Another common one is that their favorite songs are stuck in your head, and you just can’t get them out.

Signs that someone is constantly thinking about you also include that you hear their names accidentally several times a day. Whether you come across a movie or a random talk with a friend, you hear their name slipping into conversations. Or, you start spotting their faces in strangers while walking down the road.

For instance, a guy feels intense goosebumps when listening to his girlfriend’s favourite music. It can also mean that not only he is in love with their crush, but the crush is probably thinking about him as well. -Via Lovedevil7 on Reddit

6. You Feel their Touch

Feeling someone's touch when they're thinking about you

When you are constantly in someone’s head, you start feeling their presence, touch, or sensation. The unexplained tingling on the skin is not the weird one usually. They are more of a comforting touch that soothes you. It is generally more visible in extremely close relations like spouses or twins.

It is widely perceived that when someone thinks strongly about you, they transmit their energies towards you, and therefore, you feel a strong sensation or touch.

7. You come across a White Feather

Seeing a white feather as a sign of someone's thoughts

In many cultures, it is believed that when you see a white feather floating in the air, it is a calming message from the deceased that they are closer to you or watching over you. It also means that they are in a better place now.

Like, a person comes across white feathers while they are out. And he/she believes it is a sign from his/her ancestors, indicating that they are being watched over. -Via DancingWithDaisy on Reddit

Some people take it as a sign that their loved one, who lives far away, is sending a hopeful message that they are with them and everything will be fine.

Finally, How To Know If Someone Is Thinking About You? Some Bonus Signs

In short, these are the clear signs that you are in someone’s head all the time:

  • Their memories float up at the most random times of the day.
  • You get non-stop hiccups
  • Your ears are ringing or burning for no apparent reason
  • You are smiling thinking about them, unconsciously
  • Inexplicable twitching of eyes without any medical reason
  • You get random sneezing fits
  • You feel that they are watching you

These signs are felt by several people worldwide. Many of these signs have psychological or spiritual reasons as well.

Last Words

There are many signs that someone is constantly thinking about you. Some people experience them intensely, while others do not feel them as much. Learning about them helps deepen your emotional connection with your loved ones.

Seeing them in dreams, feeling their touch, and sensing their proximity are proven signs that they can’t get you out of their heads.

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