Manifestation Meditation

How to Create the Life You Want Through Manifestation Meditation

Are you afraid of your past experiences and cannot focus on achieving goals? Looking for a way to motivate yourself. You can just accomplish this by practicing manifestation meditation. This method is a self-help approach in which you visualize your goals and the outcome of your thoughts.

Manifestation meditation prepares you to bring about positive changes in your personality, helping you achieve the desired outcomes. With our step-by-step guide, you will learn how you can get the possible benefits of manifestation meditation.

What is Manifestation Meditation?

Benefits of Manifestation Meditation

Manifesting meditation is now a growing trend, and it has changed from the traditional way of meditation. It is rooted in our thoughts and desires. As Robin Sharma says, “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”

“Manifestation meditation is a technique in which we focus on the thoughts that guide us in achieving our goals by visualizing. For instance, an architect first visualizes a project and then focuses on the goals and lets the dreams come into reality with the action.

Benefits of Manifestation Meditation

The study of the Harvard Medical School in report by “Sara Lazar” states that the 8-week course of mindfulness improves memory, empathy, and sense of self after studying the MR (magnetic resonance) images of the brains of the participants of the program.

This is based on changes in the brain structures of the participants, as seen in the MR images, such as increased grey matter density in the hippocampus – which is crucial for both learning and memory. Combining meditation with manifestation can transform your life and habits, leveraging the health benefits of meditation during the process. It is one the most powerful meditation technique in a list of other methods of meditation for couples.

Some of the observed benefits of manifestation meditation are the following:

1. Release Stress and Anxiety

Release Stress and Anxiety

It works like (CBT) cognitive behavior therapy, we replace negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It reduces anxiety and stress that is produced by negative thoughts, and we are more fearless and ambitious in achieving our goals.

2. Increase Mental Ability

 Increase Mental Ability

Like sobriety meditation, we focus on what we want, which increases our memory and mental ability to solve problems and handle challenges as part of our goals for success. For instance, you learn the technique of how to control your anger with a positive mindset.

3. Increase Positivity and Self-Awareness

Increase Positivity and Self-Awareness

The increased focus clarifies our goals and brings self-awareness. It increases positivity and an optimistic approach towards every aspect of life. Manifestation brings optimism and optimism could boost our chances of living 85 years or more by over 50 percent. In this way, it promotes our overall well-being.

4. A Powerful Mind Programming Tool

A Powerful Mind Programming Tool

Together, meditation and manifestation work like a programming tool for our mind. Before manifesting, we spend some time in meditation. When we start feeling good, we program our minds with a positive visualizing approach to get what we dream of in life.

With a 5-minute manifestation meditation, we program our minds GPS which is RAS(Reticular activating system) according to our dreams and goals. RAS is a bundle of neurons at the base of the mind that are responsible for filtering out unnecessary information.

Manifestation Meditation: 7 Core Components

Combining the traditional meditation methods with the principles of manifestation together it has the following core components:

1. Clear Goal Setting

Clear Goal Setting

Focus of Attention: Wherever you put your focus, either on a person, your career, a project, fitness and mental health goals. Manifestation Meditation will set your mind straight pushing you to achieve them. You are feeding it with your energy through the practice.

Positive Affirmations: Use positive affirmations to frame your dreams with accordance to the present situation and age. Positive affirmations for teens will be changed from positive affirmations for kids, men, or women.

2. Visualization


Mental Imagery: Create a mental picture of your dreams outcome. Imagine all the details engaging all your senses to make visualization more realistic and powerful. You can also visualize it with the VR meditation apps.

Emotional Engagement: Your feelings guide you to what you want. Feel the emotions of happiness or excitement in achieving the goal. This is a kind of mindfulness gift to yourself and it will strengthen the intention of manifesting.

3. Meditative State

Meditative State

Relaxation Techniques: Use relaxation techniques such as focusing on breathing, muscle relaxation, or guided meditation to get a calm state of mind.

Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness to cut off distractions and enhance focus on your intentions.

4. Affirmations


Repeat positive or mindful affirmations related to your goals. You can repeat these affirmations aloud, silently in your mind, or write in a journal. Affirmations can help in every stage of life. Women can start the morning manifestation meditation and use positive affirmations for women such as:

  1. I am appreciated just as I am.
  2. I have the ability to achieve anything I set my mind to.
  3. I inspire and uplift those around me.
  4. I can manifest all that I genuinely desire.
  5. I deserve abundance in every aspect of my life.
  6. My love and compassion bring harmony into my life.
  7. I am thankful for the changing seasons and the transformations in my life.
  8. I dedicate time each day to nourish my spirit and find inner peace.
  9. I deserve happiness.
  10. I am in touch with my deepest feelings.

5. Gratitude


Practicing gratitude meditation with the sense of being grateful of what you already have. This will create a sense of positivity and you will stick to your goals with more positivity.

6. Release and Trust

 Release and Trust

Letting Go: After setting and visualizing your goals, allow for any attachment to bring outcome. Trust in yourself and the universe that your dreams will come true in the best possible way.

Faith and Patience: Maintain your faith and be patient about the outcome. Build confidence in yourself that your efforts will yield results. Self-reflection questions can help you best to bring confidence in yourself and make decisions in your life.

7. Action


The last and the most powerful tool to manifest meditation is taking action towards achieving your goals. Stay open to the outer world to avail the opportunities that lead to your goals. Become a Risk Taker, Learning and gaining experience along the way.

Step-By-Step Guide to Manifestation Meditation

Before manifesting, meditation is the first step. With our guided manifestation meditation, you will be able to chop off the negativity or negative thoughts.

1. Meditation

Meditation relaxes, releases stress, and gets you ready for manifesting. So, let’s take the first step:

Find a Peaceful Place: Find a quiet and breezy place with fewer distractions. It may be your backyard, bedroom(open your windows), or even a park.

Sit in a Comfortable Position: Sit in a relaxed position, place your hands in your lap, or whatever position you are comfortable in. Set a time for your meditation. In the beginning, you can opt for a 2-minute meditation. It all depends on the period you decide for manifesting.

Focus on Breathing: Gently close your eyes and bring all your attention to breathing, breathing deeply in and out. Feel the air that moves fast in your nostrils and feel how it fills your chest. Relax your body and feel the muscles relaxing.

Focus on positive thoughts: Focus on the positive thoughts to bring about positive changes inside and out of your world.

2. Manifestation

Getting the meditation results now it’s time to manifest by visualizing what you dream and desire in your life. Now follow the manifestation steps:

Visualize Goals:

  • Close your eyes and visualize your goals.
  • Start with the most important thing that you want to achieve.
  • Visualize it as it happens and feel the joy of achieving it.

Gratitude: Visualize the things you have achieved in your life and be grateful for them to bring more positivity.

Say Manifestation Affirmations: Affirmations make yourself strong. You can use these positive affirmations in manifestation:

  • I am successful.
  • I am the creator of my reality.
  • I love to do what I am doing.

Visualize Happiness: Visualize the happiness you get when you have achieved the goal, and everyone admires you. It is now already done in your vision and you have learned that happiness is a choice.

Release: After manifesting your dreams, it’s time to release them and trust in the universe. Trust that everything you visualized will be a reality one day.

Final Thoughts

Meditation has its benefits, and when combined with manifesting, it can change your life and bring constructive changes. Manifestation meditation brings happiness and positivity and makes you focused on your goals by visualizing. But remember, if you want your dreams to come true, you have to take action to get the outcome of your goals and dreams.

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