Best VPNs of 2021

The rapid advancement in technology, along with the emergence of the internet, has led to countless possibilities in the areas of work, entertainment, banking, shopping, and communication. Humanity’s boundary has been exceeded, redefining how time works, making everything more efficient and faster.


 With just a click of a button, or a single tap, you can now order anything on the internet: foods, clothing, accessories, services, and many others can directly arrive at your doorsteps within minutes. News from different parts of the globe can be read any time of the day, anywhere on social media and communication-related platforms available on the internet. 


The flow of information became faster than ever before. People in the past would wait for days, if not months, to deliver and receive a message from one country to another.  Now you can have conversations with other people all around the globe in real-time. 

Currently, 60% of the total human population has access to the internet either from their mobile devices or computers. Most may not have known that despite the internet offering many possibilities, risks threaten the user’s digital information and security. There have been multiple recorded cyber-attacks that exploited the system, acquired private information, crashed websites/servers, inflicted viruses, and caused harm mentally and physically.


Given such threats in using the internet, it is not safe to browse without having a secured network that shields you from any potential cyber-attacks and secures your data from being leaked.

The Solution?

To have your very own Virtual Private Network (VPN), built specifically in protecting the digital well-being of its users.

A virtual private network encrypts your internet usage and makes your online presence anonymous. Real-time encryption disallows any potential third-party hackers to track your digital footprint and steal your data. 


The virtual private network chosen hides your internet protocol (IP) address which serves as a digital label for networks to communicate. It means that if you are surfing with a VPN, your internet service provider and other third parties cannot track the websites you’ll be visiting or the data you sent or received online. It is truly an innovative approach that helps millions of users worldwide who want private internet access to safely surf the web.


Aside from ensuring your privacy, the best VPNs allow you to change your IP address to another country. It suits gamers perfectly since some gaming servers require a different location before you can enter it. Streamers can also use VPN, especially those who want to watch films on Netflix and other streaming platforms unavailable in their country. With just a simple configuration in your VPN, you can change your country and enjoy watching the films that you want.


Currently, there are numerous VPN providers to choose from, and selecting the best VPN is not that easy. Many factors are taken into consideration to ensure its credibility, efficiency, and reasonable pricing. To save you time and effort in searching for the best VPN, we have compiled a list of the best that will guide you in achieving cyber-security and efficiency at a reasonable price.

The list will focus on the crucial information you need to know in choosing the best VPN service provider and their highlights, pricing, compatibility, number of devices supported along with the pros and cons. 

Best VPN List for 2021

1. NordVPN

When we seek the best, NordVPN is undoubtedly on top of it. With over 5200+ VPN servers from 60 different countries worldwide, NordVPN’s speed is completely off the charts. Users can connect to a number of servers and enjoy a stable internet connection anytime, anywhere with just a simple click of a button. The servers optimized their IP addresses for secure and smooth file sharing without any traces of inconsistency.

Most VPN service providers only offer one encryption protocol.  For NordVPN, they use not just one or two.  Instead, they use three encryption protocols, namely IPsec, Open VPN, and NordLynx. Their security features are at maximum level, which assures users of how their privacy is being valued. It will be impossible for your data to be leaked given three encryptions are protecting it. The protection also tends to be useful when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, where digital anonymity is not secured. 

The development of the NordLynx protocol does not only come with internet security, but it also boosts the already fast connection speed of Nord. To make things even more exciting, NordVPN’s split tunneling feature keeps the sensitive data secured without slowing down the internet speed. Split tunneling prioritizes important tasks by bypassing the regular VPN to assure the best performance possible.

NordVPN also contains a kill switch feature that protects your IP addresses during unexpected internet disconnection, and you’ll lose sync with the VPN server. Internet users can sometimes disconnect from the internet due to power interruption or unplanned maintenance. During such time, the IP address remains on the web page visited, giving third-party users to track your IP since it is vulnerable without any protection. The kill switch feature blocks all incoming external traffics being sent and received by your IP address until the connection is re-established with the same VPN server.

With millions of users worldwide and having been featured on Forbes, BBC, Wired, BuzzFeed, and many other platforms, NordVPN truly set the bar as the top VPN available. Its award-winning customer service and live chat support, functioning 24/7 to answer questions, show how they value their users’ needs.

NordVPN continuously improves and seeks to refine its already outstanding system further. The website design showcases a straightforward and navigable interface where users can easily understand what they provide. Firefox and Chrome extensions can also be added to easily configure your VPN without the need to open their platform. They are already available in IOS and Android, which you can use with up to six devices simultaneously.

NordVPN offers a variety of choices ranging from the monthly description, 1-year plan to 2-year plan. There are often limited-time offers that cut off the prices by almost 50% with free monthly subscriptions. If you want to test if NordVPN is genuinely the best VPN out there, you can avail of their service with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Experience what they have to offer, and decide whether or not it serves your convenience.


  • 2-year plan: $3.30 per month + 3 months free ($89.00 for the first 2 years)
  • 1-year plan: $4.92 per month ($59.00 for the first year)
  • 1-month plan: $11.95 per month  


  • Unblocks Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, iPlayer, Steam, & Torrent Sites
  • Three levels of security encryption
  • 24/7 customer service and live chat support
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Adblocker
  • One of the fastest VPNs
  • Best limited time offers
  • Supports crypto payments
  • Virtual private networks
  • No-logging policy
  • Split tunneling


  • No free VPN trial
  • Does not support router VPN